About Ori Tal

Owner and Chief Executive Officer of ESO Equity Group, Ori Tal stewards transactions and projects and builds partnerships for the company. During his tenure with ESO Equity Group, Ori Tal has improved the occupancy rate of many properties under his management, some by as much as 60 percent in only 2 years. ESO Equity Group operates as a holding company for real estate projects, usually rental communities both commercial and residential, which the company develops and converts into condominiums. Over the last five years, Ori Tal has managed the conversion of more than 1 million square feet of property in Central Florida.

Ori Tal brings more than 10 years of experience in real estate and corporate law to the company. He studied law at the University of Haifa in Israel and is a member of the Israeli Bar Association. Mr. Tal has served as President and owner of ESO Equity Group for the last five years. He works alongside Giuseppe Conoscenti, the company’s Project Manager. Mr. Conoscenti offers 17 years of experience in developing hospitality real estate. Mr. Tal also directs the work of Financial Administrator Maria Viera, who possesses a degree in accounting.

Since its inception in 2003, ESO Equity Group has developed a number of real estate properties in Florida. Completed projects include Coral Bay Condominiums, Sea Club Condominiums, Riverside Condominiums, and Blue Wave Condominiums in Satellite Beach. Two years ago, Ori Tal and ESO Equity Group finished renovating Class A office and retail space called The Galleria. In July 2011, ESO Equity Group purchased the Fairway apartments in Daytona Beach, Florida. Mr. Tal seeks to acquire and develop projects that offer a high rate of return to the company’s investors. Learn more at ESOEquityGroup.com.


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